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HTML Tutorial

HTML Basics

An HTML document is a simple text document. You don't need a sophisticated software to create HTML files, you just need a text editor. If you are running Windows, you can use Notepad. If you are running a Mac, use Simple Text. HTML documents have to be saved with the suffix .htm or .html.

An HTML document is simple to write.It is essentially a series of elements that define the structure of the document.

An element has in general three parts:

  • Start tag
  • Content
  • End tag

All tags in HTML start with a "<" and end with a ">". Betweens these comes the name of an element. HTML tags are not case sensitive.

After the element, you will have the content. The content is a string of characters (or even another element).

After the content, you need to have the "end tag" to indicate to the browser that it is the end of the element. End tags look like the start tags, except they have a "/" (slash) before the element name.

The element b indicates to the browser that he has to display the text in bold. 

The start tag is: <b>

The end tag is: </b>

All what is in between <b> and </b> will be displayed in bold.

Source Output

This is how your <b> browser </b> display bold


This is how your browser display bold



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