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HTML Tutorial

HTML Basics: the (first) minimal document

In an HTML document, the first element is HTML. The HTML start tag (<html>) marks the beginning of an HTML document, and the HTML end tag (</html>) marks the end. HTML tags are not case sensitive.

The typical HTML document is divided into two major sections: the head and the body.

  • The head contains information about the document, such as its title and "meta" information describing the content.
  • The body contains the document that will be displayed on your browser.
Source Output
<title> This is the title my first document> </title>
This is the text displayed by the Browser.
This is the text displayed by the Browser.

The head section, even if not displayed directly by your browser is very important. The infomation is used by the browser as the tag title or collected by the search engines. A specific section is dedicated to this section.

HTML 4.01 specifies that the minimal HTML document should also include a line that identifies the HTML version using the <!DOCTYPE> declaration. 


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