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List of HTML tags ordered alphabetically

Tag Description
<!--...--> Define a comment
<!DOCTYPE>  Define the document type
<a> Designate the start or destination of a hypertext link.
<abbr> Define an abbreviation
<acronym> Define an acronym
<address> Define an address element
<applet> Deprecated. Define an applet
<area> Define an area inside an image map
<b> Define bold text
<base> Define a base URL for all the links in a page
<basefont> Deprecated. Defines a base font
<bdo> Define the direction of text display
<big> Define big text
<blockquote> Define a long quotation
<body> Define the body element
<br> Insert a single line break
<button> Define a push button
<caption> Define a table caption
<center> Deprecated. Define centered text
<cite> Define a citation
<code> Define computer code text
<col> Define attributes for table columns 
<colgroup> Define groups of table columns
<dd> Define a definition description
<del> Define deleted text
<dfn> Define a definition term
<dir> Deprecated. Define a directory list
<div> Define a section in a document
<dl> Define a definition list
<dt> Define a definition term
<em> Define emphasized text 
<fieldset> Define a fieldset
<font> Deprecated. Define text font, size, and color
<form> Define a form 
<frame> Define a sub window (a frame)
<frameset> Define a set of frames
<h1> to <h6> Define header 1 to header 6
<head> Define information about the document
<hr> Define a horizontal rule
<html> Define an html document
<i> Define italic text
<iframe> Define an inline sub window (frame)
<img> Define an image
<input> Define an input field
<ins> Define inserted text
<isindex> Deprecated. Define a single line input text
<kbd> Define keyboard text
<label> Define a label for a form control
<legend> Define a title in a fieldset
<li> Define a list item
<link> Define a resource reference
<map> Define an image map 
<menu> Deprecated. Define a menu list
<meta> Define meta information
<noframes> Define a noframe section
<noscript> Define a noscript section
<object> Define an embedded object
<ol> Define an ordered list
<optgroup> Define an option group
<option> Define an option in a drop-down list
<p> Define a paragraph
<param> Define a parameter for an object
<pre> Define preformatted text
<q> Define a short quotation
<s> Deprecated. Define strikethrough text
<samp> Defines sample computer code
<script> Define a script
<select> Define a selectable list
<small> Define small text
<span> Define a section in a document
<strike> Deprecated. Define strikethrough text
<strong> Define strong text
<style> Define a style definition
<sub> Define subscripted text
<sup> Define superscripted text
<table> Define a table
<tbody> Define a table body
<td> Define a table cell
<textarea> Define a text area
<tfoot> Define a table footer
<th> Define a table header
<thead> Define a table header
<title> Define the document title
<tr> Define a table row
<tt> Define teletype text
<u> Deprecated. Define underlined text
<ul> Define an unordered list
<var> Define a variable





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