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HTML Attributes

HTML tags can have attributes. The special attributes for each tag are listed under each tag description. The attributes listed here are the core and language attributes that are standard for all tags (with a few exceptions).

Core Attributes

Not valid in base, head, html, meta, param, script, style, and title elements.

Attribute Value Description
class class_rule or style_rule The class of the element
id id_name A unique id for the element
style style_definition An inline style definition
title tooltip_text  A text to display in a tool tip

Language Attributes

Not valid in base, br, frame, frameset, hr, iframe, param, and script elements.

Attribute Value Description
dir ltr | rtl Sets the text direction
lang language_code Sets the language code

Keyboard Attributes

Attribute Value Description
accesskey character Sets a keyboard shortcut to access an element
tabindex number Sets the tab order of an element


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