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HTML Reference Guide: Special Inline Elements

List of HTML special inline elements

Tag Description
Special Inline Elements  
<a> Designate the start or destination of a hypertext link.
<applet> Deprecated. Define an applet
<area> Define an area inside an image map
<basefont> Deprecated. Defines a base font
<bdo> Define the direction of text display
<br> Insert a single line break
<font> Deprecated. Define text font, size, and color
<iframe> Define an inline sub window (frame)
<img> Define an image
<map> Define an image map 
<object> Define an embedded object
<param> Define a parameter for an object
<q> Define a short quotation
<span> Define a section in a document
<sub> Define subscripted text
<sup> Define superscripted text




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