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Netscape was the first commercial Internet browser introduced in 1994. Netscape gradually lost its popularity and is now the third most popular browser.

Netscape's 4.x series of browsers had a poor support for CSS and no support for XML.

It took Netscape nearly three and a half years after the release of 4.0, to produce its next generation browser. With the release 8.x, Netscape is back with a nice and friendly user browser.

Netscape Navigator History

Netscape 1.0: released in 1994.

Netscape Navigator 2.0: released in 1996. 

Netscape Navigator 3.0: released in 1996. 

Netscape Communicator 4.0: released in 1997. The first Netscape browser with some support for Cascading Style Sheets.

Netscape 5.0 - Netscape skipped the version number 5.

Netscape 6.0 - Released in November 2000.

Netscape 6.1 - Released in 2001.

Netscape 6.2 - Released in 2001.

Netscape 7.0 - Released in 2002.

Netscape 7.1 - Released in 2003.

Netscape 7.2 - Released in 2004.

Netscape 8.0 - Released in 2005.

Netscape 8.1 - Released in 2006.

Where Can I get Netscape Navigator?

If you wish to install Netscape Navigator: <click here>



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